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Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions Pty Ltd is a firm providing accounting, taxation, and business consulting advice.

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Professional Tax Accountant in Tarneit and Truganina

A tax accountant is a knowledgeable professional who can offer you advice on how to file for your income taxes. They offer you tax advice and help you in computing and filing future taxes. They also offer services such as creating a personal tax account, preparing payments, identifying tax savings, and analysing tax issues. A tax accountant is a huge asset for individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate. We, at Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions, are considered as one of the professional tax accountant firm in Truganina and Tarneit.

Following are some of the benefits of hiring a tax accountant for your business:

  1. Bookkeeping – Bookkeeping is the process of maintaining a record of all the financial transactions that happen in an organisation. This includes business accounts, ledgers, cashbooks, daily transactions, and other sundry and miscellaneous expenses. Though it might seem simple in the beginning, there will be more transactions as the business grows and it becomes difficult for the business owner to keep track of everything. Hence, a tax consultant is essential.
  2. Managing assets –Tax agents are equipped to handle several accounts and finance-related management tasks and can act on your behalf to manage your business assets. They can oversee the workflow and formulate business reports.
  3. Business plan support – A business plan is inevitable when starting a business and a tax agent will be able to offer expert tax advice and financial planning inputs when you do this. An accountant will be able to prepare a report of all the financial details for stakeholders or investors to peruse through.
  4. Tax filing – Filing of taxes is inevitable for any individual or business. Though it might be easy for an individual, it can get complex for business or organisation owing to a large number of financial transactions. A tax accountant will calculate all the figures and file taxes on time, saving you from the concern of paying fines or penalties.
  5. Valuation of business property – A tax accountant can help you in determining the proper value of your business. It is an important factor when it comes to the liquidation or sale of your business assets.
  6. Saves time – As they are adept in financial trade, a tax accountant can quickly formulate the necessary financial statements that you may require. They can accurately do the reporting process in minimal time.

Why choose us for Tax Accounting?

Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions is a leading tax and accounting firm that extends services across Tarneit and Truganina. With over three decades of expertise, we offer professional accounting services such as business tax filing, under 21 and student tax returns, office tax return, SMSF and financial advice, tax advice, and more through our team of tax consultants. We are known to partner with all kinds of small, medium, and large-scale businesses. Our team comes with an excellent understanding of the financial realm and can give you comprehensive solutions to all your financial concerns. Besides this, the tax accounts at Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions are capable of rendering financial advice to help you in making wise financial decisions for yourself and your business.

For a customised tax consultant near you, visit our website at You could reach us at 0430 582 430 or write to us at

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