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Every income generating source, be it an individual or an organisation, is liable to pay a percentage of their earnings as income tax to the government. While income tax refers to the tax levied from an individual by the government, income tax returns or ITR is essentially a form submitted by the taxpayer or organisation, detailing all the income details in a prescribed format, along with the computed tax. The income tax return form is an extensive one with several components and calculations.

When it comes to a business or an organisation, there are several income sources, investments, and other financial intricacies in Truganina and Tarneit. Hence, it is advisable to hire an income tax return specialist to look into it. Here are some benefits of income tax return filing:

  1. Responsibility – Failing to file ITR can lead to penalisations. Depending on the income bracket, there are several slabs for income tax filing, and filing ITS makes one a responsible citizen. IT contributes to the country’s welfare as well.
  2. Tax deductions – One can claim deductions and exemptions on various payments under the rules of the ITR. This means when you file your taxes, it helps you in saving a lot of money.
  3. Tax refunds – Again, depending on the guidelines, several taxpayers get tax refunds if they file income tax on time.
  4. Loan and Credit cards – If you are a person who files taxes on time, it is enough proof that you have a steady income and that you are a responsible citizen. This goodwill is accounted for when you apply for credit cards or loans. The lending institution is more likely to grant loans and cards to prompt taxpayers.
  5. Aid in visa processing – When you apply for an international visa, sometimes they ask for financial statements and ITR filings. A prompt payer is given better credit in such situations and it can also aid in assuring a quick visa approval.

How we help you in the tax return?

Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions is a renowned accounting agency in Tarneit and Truganina. We offer 360-degree accounting and financial solutions to individuals, business owners, and corporates across the country. Some of our major services include business tax filing, income tax return filing, under 21 and student tax returns, office tax return, SMSF and financial advice, tax advice, etc. Led by a team of passionate tax accountants, we at Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions strive to offer customised and personalised solutions to all our clients.

We understand that every client or business is different in terms of their income, work structure, and cash flows and hence we need to curate them accordingly. Income tax return filing is one of our most sought-after services by individual customers and businesses. Our experts are also capable of offering exceptional tax advice to organisations which will help them in planning and investing in their finances better, by paying minimal taxes. Combining quality services at affordable rates, Dev Accounting and Financial Solutions is one of the cheapest accounting firms in the region.

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